Live Gnar buffalo hat that has Joplin Missouri in the background

Welcome to the Stampede

At 7pm on Friday, April 23th, 2021, a text will activate a group of gnarly individuals a specific set of longitude and latitude coordinates. Those coordinates will be the exact hiding place of a Gnar Double Hammock and $500 tucked inside hidden somewhere in my hometown of Joplin, Missouri.

The first person with a Gnar Buffalo Hat to touch the hammock will claim this gnarly prize. 

At the time of this posting, there are only about 60 Gnar Buffalo Hats left in inventory. You can purchase one here on our site, or you can buy one at Third Thursday the evening before the event. We expect to sell out by that night.

Fun fact: If you buy a hat online by Monday, April 19th, you will get a 5 minute head start.

If this is the type of adventure you're looking for. Here are the ground rules:

  1. You must be wearing a Gnar Buffalo Hat to claim the prize!
  2. The only way to get the coordinates Friday evening is by texting us at 417-222-2648!
  3. And please be responsible, we don't want anyone hurt over this. If you choose to participate, you own your actions. That's part of the Gnar Code.

The coordinates will be in this general area...

Map of Joplin, Missouri

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out by text 417-222-2648 or my email,

Happy Stampeding.