Live Gnar buffalo hat that has Joplin Missouri in the background

What is the Stampede?

The stampede is a series of interactive "scavenger hunt like" events to encourage different types of adventure for people. Think geocaching, but gnarlier.

These events might be smaller or larger, depending on what crazy ideas we come up with. ;)

How does it work?

At specific times, I drop a set of Longitude and Latitude coordinates that can be copy and pasted in either Google Maps or Apple Maps. These coordinates will only be sent out via text. Sometimes it will be completely random, other times, I will give people a heads up. If you want to opt in to these texts, 417-222-2648 is the number.

PS: I am the least spammy person you'll ever meet, so don't fear opting in. :)

Where does this take place?

Everywhere. But I will only be texting those who live in the specific area of these events to prevent textual spam. 

Why are you doing this?

I have a heart for helping people kick off bucket list items they never knew they had. This happens by getting people to visit places they've never experienced before. And what better way to do it than through events that push people to visit new locations in their hometowns and communities.

When is the next event?

Up until August 21st, we will be doing a series of smaller Stampedes giving away entry tees and other prizes all over the area. Then on August 21st, we will do another Great Stampede where we give away a Badfish Paddleboard, cash, hammocks, and other gnarlier prizes.

If you want to be in the know on new stampedes, you gotta text the owner, Curtis, at 417-222-2648.

Stay gnarly!